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Chinese companies with English websites are failing to build customer relationships and make sales because the English content is often too difficult to understand.

People visiting websites expect to be able to find the information they need in less than 15 seconds. If the English on your website is poor, this will slow visitors down and they will leave your site before they engage with your company.

Poor English content is the main reason for English-speaking visitors leaving a Chinese company’s site but the other main reasons are:

  • content is disorganised
  • not enough company information
  • not enough company products and service information
  • news pages are out of date
  • no testimonials or customer case studies
  • there is no blog
  • photographs are too small, not clear enough or there simply aren't enough of them
  • the site does not seem "friendly"
  • it is not clear how to make contact

web-words for China is a Scottish company which works with companies in Beijing to help you improve the content of your English websites and make them more effective and competitive.

web-words for China will work with you to write new, improved content for your website.

web-words for China will help you identify news and blog stories to post on your site and will write them in a way which appeals to English-speakers.

How does web-words for China work?

web-words for China offers two main services to improve your English website

1. Rewrite your content only

This is a one-off service where Ally Walker reviews, rethinks and rewrites your website content to appeal to English-speakers.

2. Re-write your content and maintain news and blog pages

This service involves Ally Walker reviewing, rethinking and rewriting your website content and then working with you each month to write fresh and dynamic news stories to post on your site.

Our packages

What does web-words cost?

Content rewrite

one-off content rewrite


  • content review
  • concept rethink
  • content rewrite
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Content rewrite plus Maintenance


  • ¥20,000 set up
  • content review
  • concept rethink
  • content rewrite
  • monthly content update of news content
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Our Team

Ally Walker
Ally Walker
Based in Scotland, Ally Walker is a public relations consultant with 25 years experience of journalism, public relations and website content.
Finlay Walker
Finlay Walker
Finlay Walker is a Mandarin speaker, currently studying in Beijing. He was previously a journalist with the China Economic Review and the editor of the China Business Review.

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